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Here at SELC Vancouver we have developed our own brand, a unique culture and warm atmosphere. This is what separates us from the larger and less personal institutions. Students arriving at SELC for the first time are always pleasantly surprised at the range and quality of facilities including the excellent student support that SELC has to offer. In fact, SELC students immediately gain a sense of a personal and nurturing environment that ensures all students are able to settle comfortably into their studies. This calming atmosphere that SELC has created is an intrinsic value in SELC’s student culture. SELC staff goes out of their way to make the college a place where everybody knows your name and where you as a student can feel at ease and welcome no matter what continent you are from.

Why hire SELC students?

SELC co-op students can make an ideal addition to your workplace. As Canada’s leader in experiential learning, SELC makes sure students are equipped with the academic and technical skills needed in various fields, including business, hospitality, project management, finance and so much more.



Clara – Brazilian


Program: Hospitality Management 400

Having worked in the cruise ship industry for almost ten years and needing to improve my knowledge to grow in the hospitality industry, I decided to take SELC College’s Hospitality Management program. As commenced my courses, SELC College held job fairs and I attended a few of them. Within one month, I was able to find a job in my field and apply the knowledge I learned in class on a daily basis. What an amazing experience!

As part of my co-op, I worked as a concierge at Centrum Concierge & Security, a company that valued me and my performance. This is testament to SELC College matching me with an employer who exemplifies the values and vision of employing students through a well-defined co-op experience. My goal is to continue growing in the hospitality industry.

I give full credit to SELC College because the staff and faculty has been the key to me being able to achieve the success I am currently enjoying as a result of making such a wise college choice.

Sebastian – Peruvian

Program: Business Foundations 200

I studied at SELC College because a friend of mine recommended the school to me.
Through my program, I learned what the real world of business is all about.

The support I received from the SELC College job placement team with respect to the resume building and interviewing skills was exceptionally helpful in applying for a job. My co-op experience was with TELUS Communications, one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies. I wholeheartedly recommend SELC Language and Career Colleges where I vastly improved my English, gained work experiences and made many lifelong friends.

It was truly the greatest experience I’ve ever had in my life.

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